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In progress 

Ghaemi, T. & Bentea, A. (submitted) Comprehension of Subject and Object Who- and Which-questions in Monolingual and Bilingual Farsi-speaking Adults

Bentea, A. (submitted) An Investigation into the Production of Which-Questions by Romanian-speaking children and adults


Gordon-Dana, C., Bentea, A. & Durrleman, S. (submitted) Bilingualism Effects On Theory Of Mind In Children With DLD

Bentea, A. & Marinis, T.  (in progress)  Cross-linguistic influence in the production of multiple wh-questions in Romanian-English bilinguals

Bentea, A. & Marinis, T.  (in progress)  Syntactic Processing in Child Heritage Language Bilinguals: An Eye-tracking Study of Which-questions in Romanian

Durrleman, S., Shlonsky, U. & Bentea, A. (in progress) The comprehension of clefts in French: what's Person got to do with it?


Bentea, A. (in progress) Intervention effects and number mismatch in A'-dependencies in Romanian: An online processing investigation

Journal articles

Bentea, A. & Marinis, T. (2022) Multiple wh-interrogatives in child heritage Romanian: On-line Comprehension and Production, Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 13, 

Bentea, A. & Durrlemann, S. (2022) Person Matters: Relative Clauses in the Acquisition of FrenchIsogloss 8(5)/2

Durrlemann, S., Bentea, A., Prisecaru, A., Thommen, E., & Delage, H. (2022) Training Syntax to Enhance Theory of Mind in Children with ASDJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.


Durrleman, S. & Bentea, A. (2021) Locality in the acquisition of object A’-dependencies: insights from FrenchGlossa: a journal of general linguistics 6 (1)

Bentea, A. & Marinis, T. (2021) Not all wh-dependencies are created equal: processing of multiple wh-questions in Romanian children and adults. Applied Psycholinguistics, 42(4), 825-864.

Bentea, A. & Durrleman S. (2018) Not committing has its advantages: Facilitating children’s comprehension of object filler-gap dependencies is one of them. Journal of Child Language, 45(1), 35-71.

Bentea, A., Durrleman S., & Rizzi, L. (2016) Refining intervention: The acquisition of featural relations in object A-bar dependencies. Lingua, 169, pp. 21-41.

Bentea, A. (2012) Subject vs object relatives: What can Romanian children tell us about their acquisition? Revue Roumaine de Linguistique, LVII (2), L. Avram (Ed.), 203-218.

Conference proceedings

Bentea, A., Shlonsky, U. & Durrleman, S.  (2023)  Towards a hierarchy of featural mismatch effects in the acquisition of A’-dependencies: A comprehension study with French children. Proceedings of the 47th Annual Boston University Conference in Language Development


Bentea, A. & Durrleman, S. (2021) Number Mismatch and Intervention in the Absence of Lexical Restriction: An Investigation of "Celui/Celle" Headed Relatives in French. Proceedings of the 45th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development

Bentea, A. & Durrleman S. (2019) Topichood and the comprehension of relative clauses in French. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development

Bentea A. (2017) Comprehension of wh-questions in child Romanian: A case about case and lexical restriction. in J. Choi, H. Demirdache, O. Lungu & L. Voeltzel (Eds.), Language Acquisition and Development: Proceedings of GALA 2015 (pp. 1-19). Newcastle upon Tyne: CSP.

Bentea, A. & Durrleman S. (2017) Now you hear it, now you don’t: Number mismatch in the comprehension of relative clauses in French. Proceedings of the 41st Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development 

Durrleman S., Bentea A., & Guasti M.-T. (2016) Out of Sight, Not out of Mind: Unexpressed Features Impact Children’s Comprehension of Relative Clauses
. Proceedings of the 40th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (pdf)

Bentea, A. & Durrleman S. (2014) To Move or Not To Move. The Role of Optionality in the Acquisition of A’-dependencies in French. in J. Costa, A. Fiéis, M. João Freitas, M. Lobo and A. L. Santos (Eds.), New Directions in the Acquisition of Romance Languages: Selected Proceedings of the Romance Turn V (pp. 78-101). Newcastle upon Tyne: CSP.

Bentea, A. & Durrleman, S. (2014) Children Don’t Like Restrictions: Evidence from the Acquisition of Object A’-dependencies in French. Proceedings of the 38th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development 

Bentea, A. & Durrleman, S. (2013) A’-dependencies in French: A Study in L1 Acquisition. in S. Baauw, F. A.C. Drijkoningen, L. Meroni, and M. Pinto (Eds). Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2011. Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ Utrecht 2011 (pp. 1-16). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Bentea, A. (2012) Does “Case” Matter in the Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Romanian? Proceedings of the 36th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (pdf)

Bentea, A. Multiple WH-Questions: A cross-linguistic perspective. in P. Guijarro-Fuentes & L. Domínguez (Eds.), New Directions in Language Acquisition: Romance Languages in the Generative Perspective (pp. 281-303). Newcastle upon Tyne: CSP.

Working papers

Bentea, A. (2016) The comprehension of subject and direct object wh-questions in child Romanian. GG@G (Generative Grammar in Geneva), Volume 9, A. Tigău (Ed.), 99-119. 

Bentea, A. (2010) On restrictive relatives in Romanian: Towards a head-raising analysis. GG@G (Generative Grammar in Geneva), Volume 6, T. Ihsane & C. Laenzlinger (Eds.), 163-191. 

Edited working papers

Baunaz, L., Bentea, A., & Blochowiak, J. (2011)  GG@G (Generative Grammar in Geneva), Volume 7, Université de Genève.

PhD Dissertation
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